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Consequential Loss Insurance

The Consequential Loss Insurance provides cover for loss of gross profit that arises due to accidents caused by fire, lightning, explosion, etc., in business. The consequential loss is also called as the business interruption.

This insurance policy covers so many features for the insured like continued overheads due to business interruptions, declared gross profit, extra expenses to restore the normal trading condition, wages of employees during interruption time.

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Contamination Product Insurance

This insurance covers accidental contamination of product or a government recall by a relevant authority.

The policy covers 1st party body injury, property damage, malicious product tampering, threats to products. Commercial clients can insure in this policy and protect themselves from threats or damage to their products.

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Contractor's All Risks (Car)/Erection All Risks

This insurance covers all risks against damage to property and third-party liability during the contractual period. It also covers accidental bodily injury in connection with the damage to the property.

Coverage of the policy includes material damage which includes loss of property due to the unexpected events during work on-site, third party liability which includes accidental bodily injury to the third party directly involved in the contract works, and workman compensation which provides protection for the workers directly involved in the contractual work.

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Cyber Insurance

The Cyber Insurance policy covers protection against confidential data breaches. You can be assured that your confidential data is safe by insuring with us through the Cyber Insurance policy. The policy covers cyber virus attacks, business interruptions, data hacking, employees sabotage, or lapse.

We customize this insurance policy as per customers’ company operations so that the features respond promptly at the event of a malicious cyber-attack.

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Directors and Officers Liability

This insurance covers Directors, Officers as well as the company during the regulatory investigations or any discrepancies in the management.

The policy covers any defence cost, data protection, lifetime cover for retired directors, non-executive directors, employment practices, and emergency defence costs.

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Employee Benefits

The employee benefits is the best turnkey solutions to the most valuable assets of a company the employees. This policy includes both medical and insurance facilities.

The insurance covers critical illness, personal accident, disability in the income. The medical facilities include inpatient care, wellness programs, tracking healthy activities.

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Environmental Liability Insurance

The Environment Liability Insurance covers comprehensive damage to the company’s assets against catastrophic pollution which brings huge financial loss to the company.

The insurance can be customized to suit specific industries. The policy covers third party bodily injury, environment and property damage, and emergency response costs.

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Equipment All Risks

This insurance covers unforeseeable damage to the plant or machinery as well as any faulty design to the plant that may not be known to you.

The policy covers any loss due to the damage or breakdown, and replacement or net book value of the machinery. Insure now with the policy and protect your plant or factory from unexpected damages.

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Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

This insurance covers loss of money, securities, or inventory due to crime or robbery. Common fidelity claims employee dishonesty, robbery, forgery, computer fraud, and other criminal offenses.

The client must provide relevant employee details to handle the company’s money. All financial losses due to any criminal acts are covered in this policy.

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Fire and Special Perils

This insurance covers your property against physical loss of or damage caused by fire or lightning, explosion, aircraft damage, bursting and overflowing of water pipes, natural calamities, malicious damage, riot and strike, and other insured perils.

The policy coverage includes contents and renovations, fixtures and fittings, office equipments, stocks in trade, etc.

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IPO Insurance

This insurance is offered to companies preparing to make an IPO as there are risks involved in the process. This insurance protection is for the safety of the directors, officers, and underwriters.

The policy covers several liability issues involved in the process like it covers the prospectus and the cost of litigation. The prospectus is the document that the company uses to disclose information to its investors and the cost of litigation includes the liability incurred by the directors, officers and its underwriters.

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Marine Insurance

The Marine Insurance covers the damage caused to the ship, cargo, or any transport by which property is transferred, acquired, or held between the points of origin and final destination.

Incidents like piracy and possibilities like cross-border shoot outs can also be backed up by insuring in a marine insurance policy. The policy covers marine cargo, vessels, and liabilities.

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Public Liability

Public Liability insurance provides indemnity to the insured for his legal liabilities as well as liabilities of its representatives and employees in connection with the insured business.

The policy covers liability for bodily injury and damage to property of others, legal costs, and other charges and expenses. This policy also takes care of the custody, control and completed operations depending on the client business model.

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Workmen Compensation

This insurance provides compensation to employees and their dependents for personal injury, death, or accidents during the course of employment. The Work Injury Compensation Act lets employees make claims for work-related injuries without having to file a case under the common law.

The policy covers medical expenses, medical leave wages, compensation for permanent incapability or death, and for traveling back and forth to work.

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Money Insurance

The Money Insurance provides coverage during the loss of money in transit, whilst in premises or kept safe in a drawer overnight. The policy covers the money in transit and the money in premises.

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Motor Insurance

Motor insurance provides a wide range of policies for both private and commercial vehicles. We give the best quote that fulfil your needs.

Various benefits of the motor insurance plans are it covers accidental loss/damage to the vehicle, death or bodily injuries to third parties, personal accident to the insured, damage to the vehicle due to strike, riot or commotion, third party property damage and legal service.

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Performance Bond

This insurance guarantees due performance of the contract by the contractor according to the terms and conditions as in the contract. Performance bonds are usually requested by the owners of projects, private companies, and government bodies to protect themselves in case of contract failure.

As the project owner cannot own the risk caused by the contractor if the situation arises. The policy covers 5% to 10% of the contract value.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

This policy is a security to the professionals to meet the costs of defending legal actions and any damage that may be payable to the third party who has been through a financial loss due to negligence of the insured or its employees.

The professionals who can insure in this policy are Auditors, Accountants, Architects and Engineers, Lawyers, Doctors, Technology, Travel Agencies, Teaching Organization. The policy covers loss of documents, defence costs, intellectual property rights infringement, and professional liability.