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1. Why do I need insurance?

Insurance provides protection for yourself and your property at times of unexpected accidents or damage caused by any calamity.

2. What are the types of insurance policies we provide?

Insurance policies are broadly classified into Personal and Commercial. Personal insurance products include insurance for travel, motor, home, & personal accident. Commercial insurance includes protection against your property, business, and employees.

3. Where can I get more details of the policy terms?

For more details regarding our insurance policies, you can read our Terms and Services which gives a clear idea of the various policies.

4. What is the maximum number of claims?

You can obtain any number of claims provided it is within the limit of the insured amount and is within the policy period.

5. How do I report a claim?

You can report a claim to our branch office and follow the procedures as per the norms to claim your amount.

6. When is a claim rejected?

A claim will be rejected when it does not satisfy the terms and conditions of the insured policy and also when no proper documents are submitted.

7. Do I get a discount on renewal of my existing policy?

It depends on the claims as well as from which insurance companies

8. What are the documents to be submitted for property insurance?

Documents to be submitted for property insurance need to be obtained from the concerned department taking care of the property insurance policies.