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LTM Inspires & Consulting

Home Insurance

The Home Insurance we offer provides protection for your homes in the event of damage due to fire, break-ins, or water damage. This insurance scheme covers the replacement of contents due to damage or loss. Public and private housing has varied policies.

The policy coverage includes providing alternate accommodation for your housing, replacement of contents, medical expenses for the insured and spouse, renovation of your building including fittings and fixtures, and replacement of valuable artworks, stones, and jewels.

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Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance policies from LTM Inspires & Consulting covers both private and commercial vehicles. We fulfill the needs of our clients by providing the best quote for their motor insurance.

Our motor insurance benefits include damage to third party property, accidental damage to your vehicle, personal accident to the insured, loss due to riot, strike or any other commotion, etc.

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Personal Accident

Accidents caused by unforeseeable events are covered under the Personal Accident insurance scheme. The person insured can avail of this Personal Accident policy as it covers accidents caused during travel, permanent disability during an accident, etc.

The policy covers medical reimbursement for accidents, hospitalization income due to accidents, and accidental death. Beneficiaries get the maximum through our policy and protect themselves during unexpected accidents.

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Travel Insurance

Want to have a peaceful and protected travel on your way? Then insure now with LTM in the Travel Insurance policy scheme and enjoy its various benefits like an extended family holiday trip, business trips, or an unlimited trip under an annual plan.

The Travel Insurance policy covers emergency medical assistance and evacuation hijacking, local burial or repatriation of mortal remains to Singapore, medical and dental assistance within and outside Singapore, baggage and personal belongings including valuables.